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Asociación Icaria Voley Playa Barcelona

Content for Asociación Icaria Voley Playa Barcelona

Beach volleyball classes 2007
Construction of an artificial court
How to construct a volleyball court, with pictures to illustrate. Sand courts are good not just for volleyball, but also beach soccer, beach handball or beach rugby. Soft sand makes an excellent basis for active strength and endurance training for a wide variety of traditional sports.
NEW Premia de Dalt torneos autumn/winter beach tournament
Exiles This is the part dedicated to remembering those friends who have departed in search of new horizons and who are today in some distant place other than Barcelona.
     What the forum is? The forum is the best form to communicate to us with the electronic mail, is a mail list where whenever a mail is sent to the direction of the list, this mail is received by all the people of the group. Of this form activities of celebrations can be coordinated very easily, events and parties of voley, since with a single mail it is possible to be warned all the friends.   How it works? In order to send a message to the Forum, send a mail to this direction: In order to receive the messages that are sent you must be subscript to the group. For it,send a mail a:      
Felicitaciones (!!)

Felicitaciones a David y Mireia para el nuevo hijo LIMAY. Los miembros pueden adjuntar los mensajes abajo.

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