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Asociación Icaria Voley Playa Barcelona

Icaria Beach Volleyball Association Barcelona

The Icaria Beach Volleyball association isn't currently running at activities, we can only pass on advice and information about things that other people are doing. For personalised classes you should try the following locations:

  1. INEF de Barcelona in Montjuic - ask for Susana (English speaker),
  2. Academia Sanchez Casal ( el Prat de Llobregat) ask for Inma
  3. Náutico Masnou ask for Ester,
  4. 4º Beach sports Cataluña in Premia de Dalt, ask for Daniel - your number puts you online

Saturday mornings many players come down for informal training sessions. If you're interested in starting beach volleyball, come along and you're sure to find someone who can help teach you the basics. All the courts at Icaria are open courts. If there is a free court you can use it. If there are people playing you can ask to play, but note that it gets very very busy and there is usually a maximum of 5 pairs per court. The usual rule is winner stays on.




Winter Beach Volleyball Tournament Photos 02/03/08

The Icaria Beach Volleyball Association started a new beach volleyball development project during the 2007 season. Through this website you can to get access to information about our sport and can interact with other players, find out about training, competition results, locations, courses, interviews and links to other clubs and everything relating to beach volleyball.

Note that the English translations here regularly run out of sync with the Spanish because the pages and content change very frequently. If you want to know what is absolutely current to the minute, you'll have to look at the Spanish section. We try and keep up but there's a lot organised and going on.

Webcam of our beach Nova Icaria (see who's playing):

Torneo Icaria 2007

Tournament photos

One of the most ambitious objectives which the AIVP has this season is to start free courses for beginners and to improve the level of any players or potential players. Courses are usually in Spanish/Catalan (we're friendly though, so don't let language put you off), but we can put on courses in English if there are enough participants.

Other objectives that we are planning include helping develop groups for training of existing players and the training of coaches and referees for beach volleyball.

Now with the new website we'd like to invite you to take a look around and add the page to your favourites/bookmarks so we can keep you up to date with what is happening, news, favourite things and so on.

If you want to play indoor volleyball send an e-mail to

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